Is This U?

You're starting to question who you are
beyond the labels on your life.
You repeatedly ask youself, Who am I?
What am I doing? What do I want?

If you often have these thoughts, then U must be one of us youths. The rookies, the daring, and the confused. We yearn for self-identity, going through quite a journey to overcome identity crisis and discover ourselves. Each journey is different for everyone, but all is worth it.

This year is all about embracing our own unique journey of Discovering You by self-expressing through the things that will bring out the truest U.

Good news!
The things you've been looking for is all going to be here in Pop Up
Market U. So let's start this journey together, shall we?

"We believe that personality will then influence the way people
communicate themselves, such as from the way they dress."

Pop Up Four Temperaments is our personality figures made to inspire
youths to be more comfortable with expressing their truest selves, starting
from the way they dress. Each of the four; Extra, Mono, Roy, and Bhumi has
its own hallmarks which we believe people could relate to.

So now we're as curious as you, which are you?

Meet ROY of the #PopUpFourTemperaments.
Roy is the soul forged by the sun. Forged by calamity and catastrophe, gaining strength and
passion. Roy is the soul birthed from discomfort, struck by perseverance and raised by hope.
Roy is never pretentious nor conceited.

Meet MONO of the #PopUpFourTemperaments.
Mono values understated beauty, through sleek silhouettes and brightly lit smile. Thy is born
with manner and class. Clever, chic, and in style. Mono knows how to dress to impress on any
and every occasion.

Meet BHUMI of the #PopUpFourTemperaments.
Bhumi, the reflection of Gaia believes in rebirth, when the horizon bleeds, Bhumi repairs.
As the thunder roars, Bhumi listens. And when the sun shines, thy smiles.

Meet EXTRA of the #PopUpFourTemperaments.
Extra emotes, expresses, and exaggerates. Thy shows emotions through a liberating scream
and a deafening shout. When Extra cries, time stops, the sun dims, and the earth shatters.


We are keeping up with a whole new theme held this year, we will also take our customer experience to the whole new level which we'll build by stimulating three different senses following each temperaments signature style.

Sight; through our own and the tenants' decoration
Hearing; through music
Smell; through scents

Through this quiz, U will be able to find out how much of Extra, Roy, Mono, and Bhumi U are. The results will not only tell U your temperament, but also we will give an overview of it such as career paths, traits, local brand suggestions, and other detailed description.